Branding for us begins with understanding who you are as a company, the professional standards that are ring true to you, as well as understanding what you offer (products/services).  The fundamental idea behind how branding began is simple- namely that the laws and standards that were put in place for businesses guarantee that basically all products offered to consumers have the a very similar degree of quality.  Branding helps you stand out from your competition.  It creates a sense of reliability between for your customers and your business.  Smart Branding breeds customer loyalty.


Whether you are a business owner, graphic designer, or new to branding all together, Professional Image Business Services will help you work smarter and brand your business better.  We're a personable, flexible, service-oriented team.  We bring to over twenty years of collective design experience, creative experience, print production knowledge, and promotional products.  We've designed for a variety of entities: thriving corporations, small businesses, television and radio, schools, professionals in the health field and more.  


 We give our customers the resources needed to help their corporate image; and we are not referring to just some colors, some typefaces, a logo, and a slogan.  We will help you create the pieces that will be the voice of your brand.  These key pieces, which are indeed vital to branding an organization, include: 

  • Logo Design                                                         Certificate/Awards
  • Business Cards                                                    Facebook Banners
  • Posters & Post Cards                                           DVD/CD Covers
  • Stationary                                                             Book Cover
  • Fliers
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Invoices
  • Web Design and more..

Professional Image Business Services also provides branding tips and innovative branding resources for businesses and individuals. To sign up to receive Branding Tips click here.


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