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Do you like necklaces? What type of necklace do you love to wear? Whether you are the hip or the classic wearer, this article about how to make necklaces will teach you a lot about making eye catching necklaces.

The first thing you need to do before making a necklace is to assess your level of knowledge where necklace making is concerned. If you are a novice, then it would be wise to settle on a less complicated project. Perhaps a single beaded necklace with assorted stones or gems will do well.

Next, you should gather the materials needed for the design project. These materials can be found in a bead shop/craft store or online. There are many ways to make necklaces depending on what kind of necklace you are going to create. There are necklaces with charms and pendant, with photo tags. There are necklace that are longer in length, collar length, chokers and others. 

Here is one of the sample instructions on how to make necklaces:

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