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Diamond jewelry is one of the most prized possessions for many worldwide. But purchasimg diamonds comes with a price, and usually a heavy one. Diamonds are ideal engagement gifts but it could be very expensive especially if you are after a larger carat. Fortunately, there are tips that could help you pick a good diamond jewelry without paying too much.

Start by identifying how much you are willing to spend on the jewelry. Start shopping around. Do not immediately settle for the first store that you have seen. Buying second-hand jewelry can also be an option. Compare price offers. You could look at internet sites selling brand-new and second-hand jewelry.  But there is some caution that needs to be exercised when buying jewelry online. When shopping online, you should always read the fine print. There are some websites that offer diamonds in lower prices along with different schemes and gifts.  That is why it is so helpful to find a site that you can rely on that is willing to go through the extra efforts to find bonfide great jewelry deals online that either posts those products on their site. 

Before you go ahead and visit any kind of jewelry store, do your homework first.  Some buy less expensive items before buying diamond jewelry from a new site.  We here at Princess Jewelers realizee that buying diamond jewelries can be overwhelming.


Jewellers often refer to the 4 Cs: cut, carat, clarity and color. Getting familiar with these 4 Cs would help you get a good deal. Let’s take the cut of the diamond. Cuts could affect the cost of a diamond jewelry. An emerald cut diamond could be less expensive by as much as 30% compared with princess cut diamonds. Buying lower quality cuts could actually cost less.



Color could also help you in getting a better deal. When buying diamond earrings or jewelries, those that are colorless are more expensive. Diamonds would mostly have a touch of yellow and this tint tends to be more affordable, especially on earrings. Although we want clear diamonds, since clarity gives the diamond a different look, small marks would not hurt. Diamonds that have small and few marks tend to be inexpensive. Don’t worry, those marks are difficult to see by the naked eye.

.50 carat diamond ring

To stay within your budget you could go for less than one carat diamonds. Highlighting or enlarging a small cut diamond depends on the setting. There are ways to make a small diamond appear larger, for example, nestling it on a prong. Another kind of setting that will make the diamond appear larger would be using bezel settings.

If you are after an engagement ring, you could also look at the metal of the ring. There are rings that have white and yellow gold and platinum metal bands. Rings with white gold bands cost less than those with platinum bands. There are also some jewellers who offer discount prices if you will be buying the engagement and wedding rings together.

But if all of these fail to get you within your spending limit, then you could always consider other stones. There are other kinds of stones not as expensive as diamond jewelry but also as beautiful like sapphires, topaz and even rubies or any kind of gemstone. After all, the diamond jewelry is only the expression of what you feel, it still what you feel which matters. 

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