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Although for some, postcards may seem outdated, postcards seem to be more personal than a generalized posting online or an e-blast. Postcards seem to add depth and sentiment to the conversation by adding the image itself.

The fact is...purchasing postcards may not be as common for some in today's high-tech generation. However for those who still maintain the tradition, they see just how aopreciative postcards make people feel. One postcard user is reported to have said "I always thank them with a postcard, so people know what they’re doing is important. People have a really positive reaction to it. That’s really the reason I keep doing it.”

Another subscriber to using postcards says, "You don’t choose a postcard because of the space on the back, ... You choose it because of the image on the front. And the connection that has between you and the place, or you and the person you’re sending it to."

Some businesses still find it effective to use postcards to inform people about their events.  Today's featured design was created for a business that needed a design for one of their events.  Some however, take a more modern approach and either text or email the postcard design.

Final quote: “It’s a warmth you cannot get from electronics, no matter how nice the Instagram picture is."

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