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Jewelry Making Instructions

Are you trying to make your own jewelry? Do you have any idea how to make eye catching jewelry? If not, then read this article about jewelry making instructions to learn and understand the basics of making a beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry making instructions are very essential and the "staple" of any jewelry making project. By following instructions very carefully, you will attain the look and perfection of your jewelry project.  A jewelry designer or maker of the jewelry should read and study the entire instructions before starting on his or her project.

Jewelry making instructions are your main guide on how to start and end on your jewelry project. By mastering some of the basic rules, you will get yourself familiar with every term that is being used and described on each different jewelry project. Through these instructions, you will also learn how to put more unique designs on your jewelry project.


Simple Drop Earrings


2 headpins or eyepins
2 earwires
beads of your choice
round-nose pliers



Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Find a Head Pin
Head pins are normally flat on the upper part. This is essential for the jewelry making project.

2. Add Beads
Put some assorted beads or gemstones on the head pin. You can mix and match with different colors and styles. You can also use spacer beads. This spacer beads are used to break up the colored gems.

3. Begin Loop
Bend the head-pin 90º.  Use a nose-plier for this procedure.

4. Finish Loop
Bend the end of the head pin over to complete the loop. Insert the bead and bend the end again to lock in the bead.

Now that you’ve learn some of the jewelry making instructions for your project, you are now ready to start on a new jewelry project. Remember to study well the instructions first.

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