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Jewelries, especially diamond jewelries and accessories are commonly associated with women. But nowadays, jewelries are also becoming popular among men. History has showed us the accessorizing is common among men during the early civilizations. Men would wear rings and pendants bearing their symbols and signs, displaying heir social and class status through them.

Currently, the most common jewelry for men is the groom’s ring. Over the years, groom’s ring has become more than just a ring but has become a symbol of the groom’s prosperity and stability. Men has different preference for their rings, some would like jewelries that are subtle, while others would like intricate rings that will match the bride’s ring. Whatever design, it would surely reflect the personality of the owner.


But men are not just sticking to wedding bands, there are other men’s accessories which can be defined as jewelries. There are cuff links, bracelets, money clips, watches and necklaces. Finding diamond men’s jewelries are not that difficult at all. There are department stores and retailers where you could buy them. But online shops are becoming more popular especially they are posting detailed information about the accessories.

Just like in any women’s jewelry, stones for men are also available in different cuts and colors. When looking for men’s diamond jewelry always check for the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat. Also check the craftsmanship and the originality of the diamond. Most men choose an antique jewelry since it is more unique and original in design.

Men’s diamond jewelries are usually in three kinds of settings, channel, pave and invisible. Diamonds in channels have the stones in the groove, while those in pave would usually have the stones supported by small prongs. While the invisible setting is ideal since it would make small diamond cuts look bigger. The settings are hidden and stones are supported underneath.

Aside from the designs, metal bands are also changing. Yellow gold bands are not the only one used, there are other alternative metals like titanium. Titanium has become known for its durability and affordability. Another kind of metal becoming popular is the tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide bands would usually have gold and platinum inlays.

Men’s diamond pendants are more subtle in design compared with women intricately made pendants. But it never ceases to make an impression. Diamond studded earrings are another popular feature among men accessories. It used to be just one stud, but right now a few studs would do.

Just like women’s diamond jewelries, it is important to care for men’s diamonds. It should be kept in proper jewelry boxes, cases or pouches and should not be left lying on counter and kitchen tops, along with the keys. Diamonds even though they are known to be hard stones are still capable of being damaged especially when exposed to extreme temperatures, force and chemicals.

Diamond rings or jewelries are not only great gifts for women, it makes people feel special thus making it also a suitable gift for men. It may be a very expensive gift but its value would represent the undying and eternal love and devotion. In relationships, diamond jewelry is a great gift that will symbolize commitment.

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