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Any diamond jewelry would mean "forever" because this piece of treasure is designed to last for an eternity. Unless that particular diamond jewelry is stolen or lost, it's supposed to stand the test of so many generations.

Diamond jewelry is preferred not only by those couples who are planning to tie the knot. This is also sought after by people who are into investing valuable items for themselves. These valuable pieces are usually displayed in jewelry stores but could also be seen online in various websites that offer information on diamond jewelry.


Finding the best diamond jewelry

If you are one of those who are planning to buy any crystal jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, the following should be your major considerations:

1. The Clarity. It is the first thing to look for when buying diamond jewelry. The absence or presence of tiny natural flaws or blemishes known as inclusions determines this. These are not visible to the naked eye but can affect the diamond in one way or another. (TIP: The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the higher the price.) Perfect clarity means no inclusions are distinguished when the diamond jewelry is examined. Being knowledgeable in the clarity characteristics of a diamond is very essential especially for those interested in purchasing it.

2. The Color. Diamond jewelry can cover the entire spectrum of colors but nothing beats the colorless diamond. The difference in color grade is almost unrecognizable in the naked eye but it is when it comes to the value. Colorless diamond jewelry is the most precious compared to off-white ones. The exceptions to the rule are "fancy" diamonds-in well-highlighted colors of pink, blue, red, green, and yellow. These are particularly rare and highly treasured.

3. The Cut. Cut is the most crucial variable affecting the diamond jewelry because it has great influence on its fire and brilliance but not all jewelers know what "cut" means. Cut can be use to mean the inherent shape like round—modern brilliant cut, eight cuts, old cut, Swiss cut, rose cut, and chipping—marquise, oval, pear, heart and emerald or octagon. Some also prefers square, oblong, triangle, princess and radiant cuts. It can also mean the proportion or the polishing of the diamond jewelry.

4. The Carat Weight. Although carat is a unit of weight, not size, the carat weight of diamond jewelry has come to refer to particular sizes. If properly cut, diamonds of the same weight should be about the same size. These sizes do not apply to other gems because their specific gravities differ from a diamond. Bigger is not necessarily better. Although large diamond jewelry flaunt the stone's delicate color and exquisite cut, a diamond of lesser size may have higher clarity and color or a more precise cut and be of equal value. It is important very important not to confuse weight with size. Always remember that there is no two diamond jewelry with exactly the same size because these might weight very differently.

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