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Wearing diamond jewelry—especially for men—connotes not only power, but also strength, prominence and status in life. Ever since the beginning of time, jewelry has always signified power. Back then it was the kings who wear most of the jewels in the royal family. In 1200s Europe, royalties—especially the king—wear diamonds set. As a matter of fact, King Louis IX of France even enacted a law that no one can wear a ring with diamonds but only the king. 

In these days of equality, men also wear wedding rings to signify his eternal love for his wife. One of the latest trends in a man’s wedding ring today is with inlaid gemstones like diamonds. It has become acceptable for the modern society that men wear diamonds for their wedding ring depending on their personal taste and preference.


Aside from emphasizing a man’s taste and preference, choosing a diamond ring for a wedding ring should also include the following considerations:

  • the type of work. If you are into sports and into works that require excessive manual labor and movement, you might think twice before getting a man diamond ring because it increases the possibility of losing or damaging your gemstone. But if you are not into sporting activities or hard manual labor, man diamond ring can be a perfect option for you.
  • the type of personality and lifestyle. Since every man is different, personalities and lifestyles should be greatly considered.
  • consider comfort. Think of the shape of the ring and the ring width before buying it.
  • the type of metal. The metals that can be used to make men’s wedding rings include gold, titanium, platinum and silver.
  • the type of gem. Although diamond in the best option for a man, you can also use sapphires in all colors and rubies.

The diamond jewelry for man

Today, important and prominent men around the world like the pope, rulers of different nations and business tycoons wear rings to connote power. Graduates of military academies and heads of different national and international organizations wear diamond jewelry such as rings as a sign of being a ruler as well. 

Despite the fact that some people—especially men—the idea of wearing diamond jewelry such as a ring, more and more of them recognize the fact that wearing a band encrusted with gem as costly as diamond can put them in a prestigious disposition and company like musicians and sports superstars who are popular for their diamond bling-bling. 

Having man diamond jewelry such as a ring doesn’t have to be as flashy as those worn by celebrities. In fact, man diamond jewelry such as rings can be composed of a single stone set in a strong and masculine setting. Or it can be silver, platinum, or gold band that has inlaid diamonds. 

If you’re thinking of getting a man diamond jewelry such as ring for your self, it’s not necessary to you push your budget to the limits. What you can do is to explore the variety of designs available in the market today. 

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