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With all that is going on the world right now, it would be wise to take a closer look at our jewelry and the predisposition certain materials may have to collecting germs. True, for most individuals in the U.S. and in many countries across the world, their interaction with other people should be significant less frequent than normal. In fact, for some this period of time of “staying indoors” and conforming to “spacial distance requirements” suggested by the President and the CDC , may seem like something only seen in a sci-fi fantasy or suspense film. Nevertheless, at this period in time, it seems to be our reality. So, we at Princess Jewelers want to be sure that regardless of the style of jewelry you wear that you always are aware and maintain proper cleaning principles, which will help to keep you, your family and friends SAFE!

Although we are currently dealing with a global pandemic, many people do not know that even when in “non-crisis” situations, on an every day basis, millions of people get sick are hospitalized and some even die as a result of food borne illnesses, viruses and flu- related sicknesses. Even though some go through great lengths to avoid getting sick, few look at the practicality of good jewelry hygiene. Bacteria often lodges itself in jewelry that is wear by individuals everyday. In fact, studies prove that even after washing hands, the bacteria levels on dirty jewelry is 10 times higher than skin. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control has shown that skin under rings is more heavily colonized with bacteria than fingers without rings.

But let's start with the good news. Kudos to those of you who have increased the number of times that you wash your hands everyday. However, to be quite frank, simply washing your hands does not automatically kill the germs and bacteria that is on your jewelry.

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