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Are you a classic type of jewelry wearer or are you the one of the hippest and trendiest bead jewelry wearer? Plain or colorful? Bold or classic? Whatever and wherever which category you fall into, this article about branding your personal image with jewelry will teach you a lot about how, when and where to wear the right jewelry for the right occasion.

Decorating with jewelry should compliment your attire well- not clash with it. It should bring forth the beauty of your dress as well as your features and clothing. All kinds of jewelries whether it is the classic styles like gold and silver or the most “trendy” styles of today are all stunning and eye catching. You just have to know and understand where, when and how to wear it. Most jewelry wearers are unaware of this, that’s why they often hear that their fashion taste is to either too boring or too much. Some think that by simply wearing "enough" or by wearing it all at once is the key.

When decorating with jewelry one has to consider a lot of things.  From budget to facial features to skin tone and most of all to occasion.  As a jewelry wearer myself, I advice my readers to wear the right size and a color of jewelry that will compliment and emphasize your best features, such as your face and skin tone.  One tip for those who are of a larger size, is to wear chunky jewelry (whether it is in the classic, conservative, bold, or beaded styles). Be sure that your jewelry does not clash with your outfit.  It should bring out the best color and design of your outfit.

Here are some tips you can use when accessorizing with jewelry or beads that are sure to help your brand yourself as the professional you truly are:

If you are going on a job interview, wear something less. Remember this is a professional occasion which means less is more when it comes to jewelries. You can wear your watch, a pair or pearl or stud diamond avoid dangling earrings and chunky bangles that could only distract your soon to be employer. You may also wear a plain necklace of gold or silver. If you prefer beaded works, then go for single strand, one color of necklace, a wrist watch and one small stud and nothing more.



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