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Have you seen a knotted accessory? What about jewelry? In this next article, you will learn some basic steps on how knotting jewelry is made.

Knotting jewelry can add up beauty and elegance to any jewelry whether you are going to apply it on your necklace, earrings or bracelet projects. The effect of knotting is very nice and when done well, will give a professional and expensive look on your jewelries. Knotted jewelries can be bought or you can make the jewelry by hand.


Knotting jewelry can be a bit complicated at first especially if you are a novice designer or maker. But when you get yourself prepared and practice, you will soon be making wonderful and artistic knotted jewelry which you can wear, show friends, and maybe you could even sell some to them.

Here is one sample of instruction for knotting jewelry:

Knotting Pearls

Beading needle
Match or lighter
Piece of felt or foam

1. Gather your materials. This is a project you must finish at once because you might lose counting the pearls you will string. Make sure you have all your materials ready to make this knotting project a lot easier.

2. String the thread into the needle. make sure that the thread is long enough for allowance. make small tight knots after you string each pearls (knot then pearls then knot again).

3. Cut off one of the clasp ends and loop the thread through the clasp end, simple thread the beading needle and thread through the hole you make in the clasp end and reloop back through the loop hole in the thread. It should be 1/2 of the clasp is attached. then tie a tight knot to close the clasp end.

4. Remove pearls from the string by cutting the old thread. Do this at the very end of the clasp end, through this the pearls will be string easier on the new thread.

5. String all pearls on the new strand of thread. make sure you have extra thread on and have extra length too. You are now ready to string more pearls on the new strand of thread.

6. Next step remember that the needle should be removed and a tight double knot tied at the end of the string where the thread should has 2 loose ends. Make sure to do this to prevent your pearls from slipping off the thread.

7. Starting at the end of the string where the clasp has been looped on, tie a tight knot close to the first pearl then repeat it again.

8. Make sure you tie a tight knot between each pearl, thread on the remaining 1/2 clasp, tie a tight double knot, cut the remaining thread and if using silk thread you must add a tiny dot of super glue or if using synthetic thread, flick with a small flame to melt the small loose ends to lock the ends.

Now that you have a sample knotting jewelry instruction, why not try it on your own hands and see what would be the outcome. Just follow the instruction and you will surely have a professional and beautiful knotted jewelry in no time.  If you like to simply wear knotting jewelry and are not intereted as much in making it, feel free to check out the jewelry that we have.  From rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets, the knotting jewelry look is one of a kind!

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